Baby Blessing

Welcome the most important person in your life with a celebration of love, surrounded by your tribe in an environment of peace and nature with a ceremony blessing him on his arrival and on his way.

  • Berries welcome cocktail
  • blessing ceremony
  • Ceremonial and Ritual Guide
  • Mandala decoration with flowers
  • Cushions, mats for all the guests
  • candle per person
  • ceremony sound system
  • Meditation with singing bowls
  • Surprise gift for the future mom
  • Mom’s Baby boom decoration with natural and organic colors
  • Flower crown for the celebration.
  • Tribal Face Paint for all the guests.
  • Picnic type brunch (variety of dishes, fresh waters, desserts)
  • Balloons to send to heaven with wishes for baby

Price (10 people)

$12,800.00 MXN

$400 per extra person

BlessingBirthday /

Would you like your birthday celebration or bachelorette party to be a thank you to the life and love that surrounds you? Manifesting blessings towards what is to come?

It is a symbolic way to thank and bless each year of your life, and remember the purpose of your existence, and thus a spiritual rebirth to receive your next steps with love.

  • Welcome cocktail
  • Thanksgiving Ceremony
  • Ceremonial guide and Ritual, lineage blessing
  • Mandala decoration with flowers
  • Cushions, mats for all the guests
  • candle per person
  • ceremony sound system
  • Meditation with singing bowls
  • Face Tribal Paint for all the guests
  • Clean Energy with Sahumerio for you and your guests
  • Three-course meal includes a glass of wine per person and fresh waters
  • Bonfire with music to celebrate your day

Price for 5 people

$7,500.00 MXN

Clean Energy

Clean your energy and your aura with the energy of ancestral herbs, a ritual to release the daily burdens that create residuality and stagnate us on the physical plane. The clean reharmonizes the being with the environment, eliminates blocking elements and allows the flow of emotions and energy. Our ancestors teach us that a clean undoes spiritual contamination, dirty energy adhesions, disappointments, frights, bad desires and negative intentions.

The spiritual guide uses incense with copal to cleanse the accumulated energies, the rameada based on pirul, rue, basil, rosemary and jarilla detoxifies the soul, the prayers reconnect with nature and the cosmos, and the calls through music for spiritual connection.

Altar of Fire: Offerings chocolate, sugar, mezcal, ocote, tear or black copal

Duration 40 min.

Price per person

$750.00 MXN


The Nahuatl word “temazcal” means “steam house”, from which it derives that it is a steam bath that has been carried out since ancient times in Mexico with the purpose of detoxifying, healing the body and soul.

The temazcal is a space in which the elemental forces of nature interact, through a ceremonial ritual with healing ancestral music, awakening unity with the earth and the innermost part of our consciousness. Likewise, it is a purifying bath that through the direct and corporal inhalation of medicinal and bioenergetic herbs gives us an internal and external detoxification of the body.

In addition to being able to relax, the temazcal has great benefits for your body: it helps purify the respiratory tract, relaxes the nervous and muscular systems and helps with cold problems in the bone system, tones the skin, eliminates mental fatigue, improves digestion, and decongests the lymphatic system.

For our Temazcal we use aromatic and healing herbs that will cleanse your respiratory tract, and for skin cleansing we provide clay and aloe vera for the whole body that purifies all impurities. Duration 120 min.

At the end of your temazcal you will drink a regenerating tea and fruit to nourish the soul.

Price for couples

$3,500.00 MXN 2hrs

Price per person / from 5 onwards

 $850.00 pesos per person.

Ceremonial Temazcal Ritual
Cocoa for Couples

Special temazcal for couples for the beginning or renewal of cycles, in which the union of souls is worked on, sharing the path together and an energetic cleansing, letting go of the past and embracing the present. It is decorated with torches, candles and ancestral music that surrounds you in nature vibrating with the 5 elements, an energetic cleanse is performed with copal incense/Popochcomitl, in which a union ceremony is performed in which they will offer to the sacred fire cocoa, copal, ocotes, lavender, rosemary, to free yourself from all ties and old patterns to enter a full renewal. Inside the temazcal they will begin with a ritual guided by the ceremonial guide, in which different aspects will be worked on to liberate the soul, the body and the spirit, opening themselves to love and sweetness. Inside the temazcal they will give you natural cocoa to hydrate your skin and wrap this ritual with the sweetness of sacred cocoa, and drinking chocolate to vibrate the love and energy of cocoa inside. They will leave their intention and love on the wishing tree.

Later, with the tranquility and harmony of the cocoa ceremony, they will go to a tub of almond milk and natural essences to nourish themselves in love. They will be sent an aphrodisiac fruit elixir and two regenerating infusions.

They will end their experience with a 60-minute light massage, with almond and lavender oils to relax and unwind.

Ceremonial Cocoa Temazcal Duration 2 hrs.

Tub and massage 2 hrs.

Price $6,800.00 MXN

for 2 persons

Ritual Connection with Nature

Ritual connecting your energy with the 4 cardinal points, the 5 elements, 7 chakras, 7 dimensions, the ceremonial guide will guide you in this process of connection with nature, in which you will start with a walk in the grass, lavender aromatherapy which It has been used since ancient times by grandmothers, since it is an extremely relaxing herb and facilitates subtle transit. Subsequently, aromatherapy infusion of subtle herbs –pericón, orange blossoms and lavender-, with their harmony and power of relaxation; harmonizes the person with songs of medicine and vibrations of nature (tlapitzali snail – flute) we continue with a body exfoliation of mud and lavender essence that eliminates dead cells and removes impurities. The mud and lavender body treatment leads to a total state of relaxation and leaves the skin incredibly soft. We finish, entering a subtle temazcal with lavender aromatherapy to relax even more, flow with sacred songs and connect with the energy of the Tepozteco mountain.

Duration 2 hours 30 minutes


$4,800.00 MXN

(for 2 persons)


At Casa Isabella you can enjoy a day spa where you will enjoy the facilities (pool, jacuzzi, gardens) for a whole day.


Holistic or deep relaxing massage
house salad and cocktail

Price per person

$1,950.00 MXN


Tepoztlán is a magnetic pole for spiritual development and consciousness. Many consider that the energy of these mountains and valleys is due to the characteristics of their subsoil (volcanic stone, copper and ferrite), as well as the imposing mountains of the El Tepozteco mountain range, which invite introspection and discovery.

Nature, land, water, wind and mountains invite us to connect with the environment, with our interior and with the energy of this mystical place. Our therapies, ceremonies, cleanses, temazcals, yoga and energy arts classes will take you to feel the energetic benefits of this mystical place.

Yoga classes from Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 11 am. We have different guest teachers where you can learn about different styles of yoga such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Power yoga, Flow yoga, Kundalini, and other styles that you can learn. After each yoga class, start a meditation to reconnect with your essence.

Price per person

$250.00 MXN

Meditation and Harmonization with bowls from the Himalayas

Give yourself a moment to tune in from your heart

The vibrations of the bronze bowls expand throughout the entire body providing greater relaxation, deep states of meditation and surrender to the experience, on the part of the listener.

Wave phenomena make the bodies vibrate, propitiating an internal stillness; they restore our energy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, achieving deep states of meditation, mental clarity, relief of physical pain, stress release, and also improves sleep.

Price per person

$800.00 MXN



Occupancy / Price per person
Standard room / King size bed / queen bed
Standard room / king size bed
Junior suite room / queen bed
$4,300.00 MXN
$4,950.00 MXN
$ 4,850.00 MXN
$ 4,750.00 MXN


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*Reservations for over 14 years old